WP Super Edit 2.5


WP Super Edit 2.5 is not quite the rewrite I’m hoping to accomplish, but it does make things compatible for WordPress 3.9.1. I’ve completed some of the work needed to make some future changes, removed some old cruft needed for the previous versions of TinyMCE, destroyed most of my experimental code, and made the needed changes to support TinyMCE 4.0 and WordPress 2.9.

Always remember, this plugin was designed to help my editors at Nicholls State University, so the focus as always been to assist them in keeping that website up-to-date. ┬áIt’s been tested for my personal sites and the multisite sites I administer. WP Super Edit may not work for you or contain the features you really need.

You’re more than welcome to leave notes and bug reports here, but I really suggest you post things to the WordPress.org WP Super Edit support area.

Have fun!

Yank Widget 1.2.1

So I didn’t make a post for the updated Yank Widget release. That wasn’t nice or very smart.

Yank Widget 1.2.1 is only a bug fix release for WordPress 2.7.x to remove errors on post and page edit screens. Please report any issues you have here or use the contact us form.

My apologies to the folks using my goofy plugins. I may have moved your comment or reply to the proper article.