My thanks goes to folks that have helped me create cool things! If my work has made enough of an impact for you to be reading this, then read on to see how you too can help!


You can send monetary support using any of the handy donation forms in the Project Area.

I do hate to use the word “donation” because I pay my taxes. I am not a registered “non-profit organization”, and I don’t want to pretend to be one. These contributions do several things:

  • Eliminate bad debt.
  • Deal with surprise expenses like computer repairs, medical expenses, auto repairs, home repairs, etc. ( Not to mention running for our lives during hurricane season )
  • Update technology as needed ( see bad debt .)

Help Out in Other Ways


If you have made a donation or some other contribution, you should be listed below, and in some cases I have linked to sites listed by the donors. I’m pretty indiscriminating, so I may (or may not) share their opinions, views, reviews, etc. If necessary I have put NSFW (Not Safe for Work) as a warning for content that may be on the edgy side of things.


Forgive me if the advertising for this site is annoying. It is mostly an experiment for this mostly low traffic site.

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