Revisiting My Really boring HTML & XML tag function for PHP

I’ve made some changes to the utility function I use for HTML and XML tag output. PHP is already a useful template language, but sometimes I run into places where I need to manipulate tags or output large amounts of HTML or XML tagged information. I looked everywhere for a simple function and ended up writing this boring function myself. Continue reading “Revisiting My Really boring HTML & XML tag function for PHP”

House Hack: Ugly Bathroom Sink

It was alive. Disgusting dirty job pictures follow, just so you know.

Okay, Caidy and I haven’t worked on the house in Houma as much yet. A little being busy, a little being lazy, and more of being both. We have started to to more, but the ugly parts of home ownership always have the jump on us. Continue reading “House Hack: Ugly Bathroom Sink”

The Last Loose Caboose T-Shirt That Never Was

Old Loose Caboose T-Shirt Design Cleaned Up
Old Loose Caboose T-Shirt Design Cleaned Up

So it’s been over 10 years since the Loose Caboose Coffee House shutdown and stopped making all that racket in West Monroe & Monroe, Louisiana. I thought it would be fitting to post the artwork for the t-shirt that I was working on that final year. Before the Loose Caboose was morphed and resold to become the University Pub, then¬† Atomic Coffee & Tea, then finally Cottonport Coffee. I hear the espresso machine is somewhere in Ouachita Parish.

My wife thinks it’s a pseudo-self-portrait. It might be a little. Inspiration for it actually came from a Billy Goat performance at the Caboose. If you drank coffee, went to show, or loitered at the Loose Caboose in the 90’s you might understand.

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Check Out iAmerica, Literarily

iAmerica in the Library
iAmerica in the Library

Okay, that’s punny! Connie Ryan sends Tommy Johnson a photo of the old iAmerica Internet Guide found in a public library.¬† Wieird to find a one shot-quicky, finished in a week piece of cover art sitting on the shelf available for check out. Ha! I should start asking for a raise, cuz I have publication proof.

Of course, still lives. Currently it’s sitting out there using WPMU and BuddyPress. No open registration yet, but it’s mostly operational. I want to open up to my fellow iAmericans once it’s working and has a nice look to it.

Saga of WP Super Edit

This is an experiment. It is a WordPress Draft post that has been edited since August 2006. Yea, 2 years set as a draft document. This draft post went through about a dozen WordPress versions and upgrades, but was never published. It’s naive, it’s meandering, it’s about a WordPress plugin called WP Super Edit that I wrote and how it matured. I did this draft post originally to test WP Super Edit during development. It’s silly, but I really don’t want to look at this draft every day. So enjoy the Saga of WP Super Edit! Continue reading “Saga of WP Super Edit”

America Is F*cked…….(Graphically at least) on Vimeo

It’s a beauty to see this. I see it so often and just become so shocked about crap creative work. Aaron Draphlin speaks his mind (profanely).

America Is F*cked…….(Graphically at least) on Vimeo.

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