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A very busy week kept me from getting this uploaded sooner! We got some decent videos and good photo or two. Enjoy! Caidy and I took off early Tuesday afternoon and after almost four hours (to go about 60 miles) we made it to the Quarter House in New Orleans to stay the night and […]

This past Martin Luther King Jr. holiday we went to Fleurty Girl in New Orleans to pick up some Who Dat gear. Caidy scored a Boutte Call shirt, Mom got a Who D@! shirt, and I got the #whodat hashtag shirt. We’ll have some proper attire for the Saints this weekend although I appear a […]

We named her Mardi since we’ve lived in Mardi Gras country for over 7 years (At least it’s the French word for Tuesday and not Fat). She was adopted from the Terrebonne Parish Animal Shelter on January 8, 2010. Caidy picked her out over the holidays, but it was almost two weeks of waiting since […]

Roughly thirty years ago my parents bought a 14 foot wide by 80 foot long mobile home. It wasn’t the original plan. After they moved to Louisiana they spent several months dealing with some of the crookedest real-estate people you can imagine. For some reason these people thought out of state newbies from Phoenix would […]

Our kitchen and dining room area takes up about a third of our small house and has one tiny window. Why anyone would paint the walls prison gray and make a dark textured faux stone back splash from cement and plaster I don’t know. Previous owners left us with a large cave-like room more suitable […]

This is my wife Caidy’s birthday present this year. She makes sure to remind me about once a week that I “should do more art”. See she knows that before the Web, even before the graphic design degree; I would draw and paint on just about anything. It’s so hard sometimes to make time for […]

I still haven’t finished setting things up, but it’s good to have something to replace our five year old Powerbook. W00t!