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This past Martin Luther King Jr. holiday we went to Fleurty Girl in New Orleans to pick up some Who Dat gear. Caidy scored a Boutte Call shirt, Mom got a Who D@! shirt, and I got the #whodat hashtag shirt. We’ll have some proper attire for the Saints this weekend although I appear a […]

Roughly thirty years ago my parents bought a 14 foot wide by 80 foot long mobile home. It wasn’t the original plan. After they moved to Louisiana they spent several months dealing with some of the crookedest real-estate people you can imagine. For some reason these people thought out of state newbies from Phoenix would […]

Our kitchen and dining room area takes up about a third of our small house and has one tiny window. Why anyone would paint the walls prison gray and make a dark textured faux stone back splash from cement and plaster I don’t know. Previous owners left us with a large cave-like room more suitable […]

This is my wife Caidy’s birthday present this year. She makes sure to remind me about once a week that I “should do more art”. See she knows that before the Web, even before the graphic design degree; I would draw and paint on just about anything. It’s so hard sometimes to make time for […]